Summer Petitions for Admission to the Major

CS&E does not have a formal admission cycle during summer terms. Therefore, most applicants must apply during the fall and spring cycles. In specific scenarios, a petition can be submitted to ( / for review by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

When can petitions be considered?

BOTH of the following criteria must be met in order to submit a petition for consideration:

  • Course eligibility: The student is enrolled in the remaining prerequisite courses needed to be eligible for admission to the major in the summer, OR already completed the required courses, but missed the appropriate application window to apply in spring for fall admission.
  • Immediate admission need: The student needs to take CSCI 4061 or 3081W in the fall in order to graduate in the coming academic year, OR to remove a major declaration hold set by their college preventing fall registration, OR there is some other strong rationale why admission to the major is immediately critical.

If either of the criteria above are not met, then the department will deny a petition, and the student will be encouraged to apply in the fall during the regular application period.

    Submitting a Petition

    A student’s petition submitted to ( / must include the following items in Part 2 of the form:

    • A confirmation that the two bullet points above are true for the student (course eligibility and immediate admission need) with proof and narrative explanation for both. 
    • Unofficial transcripts or other proof should be attached as an addendum to the petition showing passing grades for all prerequisite courses needed for admission.
    • If the student has a Technical GPA below 3.2, they must provide a Self-Advocacy Statement (see this page for writing prompts). Do not submit your statement via the form; attach your statement to your petition.