M.S. Graduation Process

Preparing to Graduate

After determining courses for the final semesters of a program, all students need to submit a Graduate Degree Plan to the Graduate Program Coordinator. This form is a contract between the student, the department, and the graduate school and serves to verify the courses a student will complete to earn their degree. This form should be submitted no later than the second week of the semester in the semester you intend to graduate, but not before your final semester's courses have been registered for. Only academic coursework should be listed on the form. Courses required to hold a TAship or CPT should not be listed.

Once the form has been approved by the Graduate School (typically about 2 weeks after submission), you may download the Graduation Packet. This packet contains the Master's Exam form (which should be turned in to the Graduate Program Coordinator) and the Application for Degree (which should be turned in to the Graduate School by the student NO LATER than the first day of the month in the month you intend to graduate). This is a very firm deadline. Those forms not received by the first day of December for those intending to graduate following the fall semester will delay graduation until January and will require registration for spring semester to confer the degree in January. It is very important to have all forms turned in by the end of November to be safe.