MnDRIVE 2014 Symposium videos and presentation materials

Robotics, Sensors and Advanced Manufacturing 

Thank you to everyone from industry and academia who attended the MnDRIVE Robotics, Sensors and Advanced Manufacturing Kick-off Event on Thursday, April 17, 2014.

Presentation materials and videos of the presentations and panel discussions are linked below.

Future of Robotics Talk 1–“Aerial Robot Swarms”
Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
Slides (pdf 8.7 MB) | Presentation video

Future of Robotics Talk 2–”Manipulation Research and Automated Manufacturing”
Matt Mason, Carnegie Mellon University
Slides (pdf 1.6 MB) | Presentation video

Future of Robotics Talk 3–“The Confluence of Robotics and Automation for Manufacturing”
Henrik Christensen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Slides (pdf 1.1 MB) | Presentation video (starts at 32:18)

Future of Robotics Talk 4–“The Challenges of Starting a Robotics Business”
Paolo Pirjanian, iRobot
Slides (pdf 3.2 MB) | Presentation video

Future of Robotics Talk 5–“Robotics and Innovation: Stoking the Recovery”
Richard Voyles, OSTP, NSF, and Purdue University
Presentation video (starts at 45:34)

Panel Discussion 1–Industrial Automation and Medical Robotics Moderator: Nikos Papanikolopoulos (University of Minnesota)
Panelists: Rob Bodor (ProtoLabs), Paolo Pirjanian (iRobot), Nathan Knutson (StrataSys), Robert Krasa (3M), Tariq Samad (Honeywell), Gord Scarth (IMRIS), Eivind Stenerson (PAR)

Panel discussion video

Panel Discussion 2–Environmental Monitoring and Agricultural Automation Moderator: Volkan Isler (University of Minnesota)
Panelists: Kent Cavender-Bares (Rowbot), Jerry Johnson (Superior Edge Inc.), Dana Lonn (Toro), David Mulla (University of Minnesota), Eric Taipale (FourthWing)

Panel discussion video

Panel Discussion 3–Education and Outreach Moderator: Will Durfee (University of Minnesota)
Panelists: Maria Gini (University of Minnesota), Zofia Kaminski (MnDRIVE RSAM scholar), Mark Lawrence (FIRST Robotics), David Lund (Principal, Prior Lake High School), Matt Mason (Carnegie Mellon University)

Panel discussion video

Poster Presentations