Madeline Flandrick

CompanyHeraeus Medical Components

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Graduation date: Spring 2017

Hometown: Delano, MN

What kind of projects (or project) did you work on? 

At Heraeus Medical Components I worked on a variety of projects. I helped design trim fixtures using ergonomics and operator knowledge, reduced the time it took to process parts, aided in validation of a software and was part of a human error reduction project.

What are some of your specific tasks that pertained to the project?

Some specific tasks associated with the projects I worked on included: working with operators to understand a process; working with engineering to understand customer requirements and prints; conducting time studies; evaluating different types of line balancing and scrap collection; interpretation and finally creating project charters.

What did you accomplish in your co-op?

My greatest accomplishment at Heraeus was reducing a process from an average of 18 minutes to 4 minutes using a unique training method, operator involvement and best practice. My team won the Heraeus Medical Components Business Innovation award and was a finalist for the Global Heraeus Awards.

How did the co-op prepare you for your full time job of next step in your career?

Heraeus gave me the experience of working on an engineering team and with operators to accomplish multiple business goals. Another exciting benefit is that Heraeus even offered me a full time job after graduation.

How did the writing assignments help you in your career?

The writing assignments help me to manage my time; working 40 hours a week and also doing homework requires a lot of balance. Also, when I create reports for an investigation it enhances my ability to be concise and use scientific language.

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