Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships Awarded Through ME

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a variety of scholarships to offer through the department. These are largely independent of scholarships offered through the College of Science and Engineering or other outside sources. Students can apply for scholarships through ME even if they have already received scholarships from other sources.

The following are considered in choosing scholarship recipients:

  • Academic achievements (grade point average).
  • Course load maintained by the student during their program at the University of Minnesota and focus on classes needed to earn a mechanical engineering degree.
  • Financial need.
  • Activity in campus and other professionally related organizations.
  • Leadership and community service.
  • Quality of a one-page personal statement submitted with the scholarship application package.

Several scholarships are targeted at students with financial need. Therefore, students with need are encouraged to describe their situation in their personal statement.

Specific Interest Scholarships

A few scholarships are targeted at students with specific professional interests. Students with these interests are encouraged to point them out in their personal statement. Stating an interest in one of these scholarships will not reduce your chances to earn one of the more general scholarships. More information on the interest-specific scholarships can be found below.

Applying for ME Scholarships

Eligibility: A student must be accepted into the mechanical engineering program at the time of applying to qualify for a scholarship. Eligible students must need more than 15 credits of coursework to complete their mechanical engineering degree requirements at the start of the academic year following the application date (i.e., the upcoming fall semester), exclusive of any incomplete grades, to be eligible for a mechanical engineering scholarship. 

Application Period: Scholarship applications are accepted during the spring semester and awarded the following academic year.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 12, 2021.

Submission Process: Complete the form below. Questions can be sent to

Scholarship Application