Fall 2021 Seminars

September 8 Nicola Elia
University of Minnesota
Distributed Cooperative Systems Over Unreliable Networks WATCH Van de Ven
September 15 Bernardo Cockburn
University of Minnesota
Static Condensation, Hybridization and the Devising of the Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) Methods WATCH Yang
September 22 Rein Ulijn
City University of New York
Repurposing the Molecules and Rules of Life for Nanotechnology WATCH McAlpine
September 29 M. Reza Alam
University of California, Berkeley
Data-Driven Re-Configurable Swarm of Agile Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Underwater Wireless Communication Not recorded Shen
October 6 Maziar Hemati
University of Minnesota
Feedback Control of Fluid Flows: Modeling, Analysis, and Design Not recorded Yang
October 13 Rohini Bala Chandran
University of Michigan
Multiphysics Models and Measurements for Solar Hydrogen Production and Wastewater Nutrient Recovery WATCH Davidson
October 20 Tianfeng Lu
University of Connecticut
Strategies to Accommodate Complex Chemical Kinetics in Reacting Flow Simulations WATCH


October 27 Justus Ndukaife
Vanderbilt University
Optical Nanotweezers for Single Vesicle Analysis WATCH Ilic
November 3 Devesh Ranjan
Georgia Tech
Turbulent Mixing in Shock-Driven Variable-Density Flow WATCH Srinivasan
November 10 Michelle Driessen
University of Minnesota
Improving Student Experience & Outcomes in General Chemistry WATCH Anderson
November 17 Aamir Farooq
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia
Laser-based Sensors for Chemical Kinetic and Environmental Applications WATCH Biswas
December 1 Douglas J. Weber
Carnegie Mellon University
Neural Prosthesis for Restoring Sensory and Motor Functions WATCH Kodandaramaiah
December 8 Rich Kaszeta
Creare, Inc.
Novel Aerial Drone Platforms for Interplanetary Exploration WATCH Simon
December 15 Ashlie Martini
University of California, Merced
Viscosity Modifier Lubricant Additives: Molecular Mechanisms to Practical Applications WATCH Stelson