University Mandated Proposal Deadline: All proposals due to SPA at 9 AM 3 days prior to the deadline to the agency.

External Sales: For information about different external funding procedures, see SPA's Fund Bucket Project Definitions form. If you are uncertain what type of funding you are applying or looking for, please start by contacting If you have questions about external sales or gift funding please contact Note: Department policy is that gifts are charged a 10% service tax and external sales are charged a 20% service tax.

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          101 Mechanical Engineering

     PRF Routing Chain

          Dept Admin
          Jenni Larson (jsnyder)

          Dept Head
          Sue Mantell (smantell)

          CSE Dean



         • Budget preparation
         • Document formatting
         • Online portal submission
         • PRF creation and submission to SPA
         • Act as liaison between PI and SPA