Matt Anderson

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Matt Anderson

Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering
Room 115
111 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


BSME, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota


Shear Flow Control Laboratory

Research Interests
  • Experimental fluid mechanics
  • Hydrodynamic stability
  • Filtration and particle physics
  • Modeling and numerical simulations
  • Engineering education

Courses Taught

  • ME3331: Thermodynamics
  • ME3332: Fluid Mechanics
  • ME3333: Heat Transfer
  • ME4031: Basic Measurements Laboratory
  • ME4053: Mechanical Engineering Modeling
  • ME4583: Design for Life: Water in Tanzania
  • ME5341: Case Studies in Thermal Engineering & Design
  • ME5344: Thermodynamics of Fluid Flow with Applications

Selected Publications

  • H. Yang, S. He, H. Ouyang, M. Anderson, L. Shen, & C. Hogan, “The pressure drop across combined polydisperse spherical particle-cylindrical fiber networks,” Chemical Engineering Science, 192, 2018, pp 634-641.
  • A. Hoxie and M. Anderson, “Evaluating high volume blends of vegetable oil in micro-gas turbine engines,” Renewable Energy, 101, 2017 pp.886-893.
  • T. Shepard, A. Hoxie and M. Anderson, "I did not anticipate this: Experiences from the Early Years," Proceedings of 121st ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, 2014.
  • H. Kanchi, K. Russell, M. Anderson, S. Beard, P. Strykowski and F. Masheyek, “Fluidic control with microjets in dump combustors,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol 54, 2011, pp 5595-5605.