Assistant Professor Jun Li Wins the 2023 James Joule Young Researcher Award

ME Assistant Professor Jun Li wins the 2023 International Institute of Refrigeration’s James Joule Young Researcher Award. Every four years at its Congress, the IIR offers a series of Young Researchers’ Awards to pay tribute to the work carried out by young researchers in the field of refrigeration.

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is an independent intergovernmental organisation. It is the only one in the world to gather scientific and technical knowledge in every sector of refrigeration. Founded in 1908, it has developed a worldwide network of leading experts. The IIR is committed to disseminating knowledge of refrigeration to improve the quality of life for all, while respecting the environment and taking into account economic imperatives.

Jun Li is interested in designing surfaces to control the accretion of various matter and incorporating them into thermal fluid components and systems. He is also interested in understanding the fundamentals in phase-change heat transfer and multiphase flow, with the end goal of applying them to innovate/improve energy systems and ultimately reduce the global energy consumption.

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