ME Postdoc Wins 2022 UMN Postdoc Award

ME postdoc Saikat Mukherjee received a 2022 UMN Postdoc Award from the UMN Postdoctoral Association. These awards recognize UMN researchers' valuable contribution to the University's mission and are given each year to postdocs who exhibit exemplary work. 

The Postdoc Awards are given in five categories::

  • Service to our Academic Community
  • Outreach and Communication with Non-Academic Community
  • Impactful Research
  • Teaching and Mentoring
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our Academic Community

Mukherjee received Honorable Mention in the Impactful Research category. He is a postdoc in the Tithof Lab, which utilizes a combination of complementary laboratory experiments and numerical simulations to probe important questions at the forefront of fluid mechanics.