Visit the 2020 Virtual Robot Show

The University of Minnesota Robot Show is the culmination of seven weeks of work for students in ME 2011: Introduction to Engineering.

THE TASK: Create a computer-controlled machine that "does something useful." Students received a small kit of parts, and could add no more than $60 of their own materials.
THE RESULT: Over 200 robots ready for public viewing!

For this year's show, students recorded three-minute demo videos of their robots. From a cupcake froster to a paper slicer to a seed planter, there are 232 robots to admire. Take a look around and support these hard-working students!

How to access the 2020 Virtual Robot Show:

1) Head to this landing page and view the videos in groups of 30:

2) Go straight to Flipgrid page and click "View 8 Topics" to see the full set of videos.

Robot Show
The 2019 Robot Show in McNamara Hall