Spring 2021 Seminars

January 20 Alptekin Aksan
University of Minnesota
Design and Manufacturing of Reactive Biomaterials for Biotechnology Applications WATCH Ilic
January 27 Thomas Kurfess
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Democratizing Advanced Manufacturing: Ensuring Prosperity and Security Recording not available Durfee
February 3 Sunghwan Jung
Cornell University
Mechanics in Drinking and Diving WATCH Lee
February 10 Dimitri Lagoudas
Texas A&M University
Using Shape Memory Alloy Actuators for the Design of a Morphing Supersonic Low Boom Aircraft WATCH Abel
February 17 Victor Barocas
University of Minnesota
You'll Flip Over It: My Experience With an Active Learning Classroom WATCH Hubel
February 24 ME Faculty Candidate Talks      
March 3 ME Faculty Candidate Talks    


March 10 Samuel Myers, Jr
University of Minnesota
Pipelines vs. Pathways: The Economics of Diversity in STEM Fields Recording not available Alexander
March 17 Dayong Gao
University of Washington
  Recording not available Hubel
March 24 Kristen Wendell
Tufts University 
Investigating the "Black Box" of Active Learning Approaches in Engineering Education WATCH Anderson
March 31 Alison Hoxie & Vinod Srinivasan
University of Minnesota
April 14 Selma Mededovic Thagard
Clarkson University
The Effect of Bulk Liquid Mass Transport on the Water Treatment Performance of a Gas-Liquid Electrical Discharge Plasma Reactor WATCH Bruggeman
April 21 Yusuf Altintas
University of British Columbia
Ramalingam Memorial Lecture WATCH  
April 28 Sandra Boetcher
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Polymer Composite Heat Exchangers for Thermal Energy Storage   Simon