Steven Girshick

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Steven Girshick

Kenneth T. Whitby Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering
Room 2101E
111 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Ph.D. 1985, M.S. 1981, Mechanical Engineering, 
Stanford University 

S.B. 1970, Humanities and Science, 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests
  • Plasma science and engineering
  • Nanodusty plasmas
  • Nanoparticle science and engineering
  • Nucleation of particles from the gas phase

Research Group

Name: High Temperature and Plasma Laboratory
Location: ME L122-L124 


Honors and Awards
  • Kenneth T. Whitby Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 2012-
  • Editor-in-Chief, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 2005-2014
  • Director, High Temperature and Plasma Laboratory, 2005-2017
  • ME Director of Graduate Studies, 2000-2006 and 2014-2015
  • Plasma Chemistry Award, 2005
  • UMN Best Director of Graduate Studies Award, 2005
  • Founding President, International Plasma Chemistry Society, 2000-2003
  • Hawley Seminar Award, Stanford, 1984
  • Boit Prize for Writing, MIT, 1970
Selected Publications
  • S. L. Girshick and C.-P. Chiu, “Kinetic Nucleation Theory: A New Expression for the Rate of Homogeneous Nucleation from an Ideal Supersaturated Vapor,” Journal of Chemical Physics 93, 1273-1277 (1990).
  • N. P. Rao, N. Tymiak, J. Blum, A. Neuman, H. J. Lee, S. L. Girshick, P. H. McMurry and J. Heberlein, “Hypersonic Plasma Particle Deposition of Nanostructured Silicon and Silicon Carbide,” Journal of Aerosol Science 29, 707-720 (1998).
  • M. T. Swihart and S. L. Girshick, “Thermochemistry and Kinetics of Silicon Hydride Cluster Formation during Thermal Decomposition of Silane,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B 103, 64-76 (1999).
  • P. Agarwal and S. L. Girshick, “Numerical Modeling of the Spatiotemporal Behavior of an RF Argon-Silane Plasma with Dust Particle Nucleation and Growth,” Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 34, 489-503 (2014).
  • S. L. Girshick, “The Dependence of Homogeneous Nucleation Rate on Supersaturation,” Journal of Chemical Physics 141, 024307 (2014).