Workshop for decision makers

How do you build modern resilient technical product platforms?

Building resilient platforms require well thought out core strategy and best practices  for infrastructure platforms and application development, delivery and operations.  In this presentation, we cover how to take advantage of cloud native services to create infrastructure that has the ideal approaches for diversified infrastructure with built-in observability that can help you build redundant decoupled architecture.

Mode:  Presentation of techniques, organizational support needed for IT leadership and decision makers on how to support organizations involved in building modern resilient product platforms.

Goal: Participants should walk away with a firm understanding of what are the considerations as you build out more resilient enterprise level scalable platforms for technical capability platforms 

Target Audience: Technology leaders who are responsible for building & supporting modern delivery platforms that directly drive the organization's P&L


Nic Cheneweth

Nic Cheneweth

With 30 years of executive leadership and consulting experience, roles ranging from the courtroom to the boardroom as a former CEO, VP, Chief Counsel, Director, or entrepreneur, in startup, private, and publicly traded companies and spanning both local and global responsibilities, Nic brings a unique perspective to technology strategy and implementation.

As the founding infrastructure contributor to TWs digital platform strategy, Nic has worked with several of TWs most strategic clients to help bring about the organizational change, infrastructure engineering maturity, and product thinking necessary to support competitive success in highly disrupted markets.

Ajay Chankramath

Ajay Chankramath

Former SVP of Engineering and a leader with 30+ years of experience leading teams in large enterprises across multiple verticals such as semiconductors, SaaS and FinTech. Ajay has led global teams of up to 500 people spanning 3 continents in the past  and has sponsored, championed and driven multiple complex digital transformation efforts in the recent years.

His recent focus area has been on Delivery Infrastructure on the cloud, specifically on FinOps and improving the business value of IT investments through optimal platform operating models.

Ajay currently leads the DI & Cloud practice for Thoughtworks EMPC North America team