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Code Freeze 2024 - AI for SE for AI

Code Freeze is a symposium organized by the University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center, partnered with various co-sponsors, that features best practices in software engineering and development. Since 2006, this annual winter event has provided a forum for innovators in the field to share their ideas, experiences, successes and challenges via thought-provoking talks and interactive workshops.

This topical full day symposium affords attendees the opportunity for networking, collaboration, exchange of knowledge and fresh insight into the field of software engineering.

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Code Freeze 2023 - Tech Resilience

hosted by
University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center



As organizations face more uncertainty than ever before, it has become imperative to engineer systems that are both resilient and responsive to changing conditions faster and in ways that make them stronger or more adapted. This year's conference looks at resilience as a property of software and focuses on engineering practices that build systems that are more secure, less brittle, and easier to change. We’ll focus on defining, measuring, and optimizing resilient systems and examine their response to stressors, whether those conditions are errors, threats, or market volatility. Code Freeze 2023 encompass cybersecurity, devsecops, chaos engineering, observability, and sociotechnical principles all in the context of engineering systems that can thrive in uncertainty.


Preliminary Schedule
8:00 AM Registration / D'Amico catered Breakfast Memorial Hall
8:45 AM Welcome Remarks Memorial Hall
9:00 AM


Jessica Kerr
Jessica Kerr
Symmathecist, Engineering Manager at Honeycomb
9:45 AM -- break --
10:00 AM


10:45 AM -- break --
11:00 AM
11:45 AM --- D'Amico catered lunch ---
12:30 PM


Yolonda Smith
Yolonda Smith
Head of Cybersecurity at Grubhub
1:15 PM -- break --
1:25 PM Afternoon Workshops

Memorial Hall

Johnson Great Room

3:25 PM -- break --
3:35 PM


Jeff Sussna
Jeff Sussna
Director of Technical Agility at Cprime
4:20 PM Concluding Remarks Memorial Hall
4:30 PM -- end of proceedings and Cash Bar opens -- Memorial Hall


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Code Freeze 2022 - Developer Experience

hosted by
University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center


As companies compete in the digital economy, the need for software and pace of disruption is ever accelerating. Developers are being asked to produce more, faster in systems with increasing complexity and scale. Developer Experience (DevEx), with the perspective of developer’s encounter with their environment, systems and code, is emerging as a discipline of note. Code Freeze 2022 examines the ever more critical role DevEx plays in an organization.  With an eye to developers as customers, Code Freeze 2022 will explore  platforms, systems, and tools as well as how the business itself handles development through exciting and illuminating keynotes, workshops and breakouts by leaders in the field. 


Program (times listed are in Central Standard Time Zone, GMT-6:00)

Sign-on and Social
Welcome Remarks
Rich Sheridan
CEO and Chief Storyteller, Menlo Innovations
Lead with Joy and Watch your Team Fly
  9:40   -->  
-- break --
-- break --
Jaclyn Damiano
Director, Digital Delivery, Verizon Business Group
Making Tech More Diverse - An Actionable Strategy
-- break --
-- lunch --
Llewellyn Falco 
Independent agile coach
Use cases for Pair Programming
-- break --
  3:30   --> 
-- break --
Retrospective and Closing
-- end --

TwinSPIN Jan 2022 Meeting

TopicSoftware Estimation, Measurement, and Quality

Software estimation, measurement, and quality form a "tripod" that are mutually supporting.  Quality should be estimated before projects start and measured during development and when the software is delivered. Quality is a combination of low levels of delivered bugs or defects combined with high levels of customer satisfaction. Software has been a troubling technology that has suffered from poor quality, optimistic estimates, and unreliable metrics such as "cost per defect" and "lines of code."   The talk discusses the best current practices for estimation, measurement, and quality control.


Speaker: Capers Jones, Chief Scientist

Capers is vice president and Chief Technology Officer of Namcook Analytics LLC. Prior to the formation of Namcook Analytics, he founded Software Productivity Research (SPR), and was chief scientist at Artemis Management Systems. Before founding SPR, he was Assistant Director of Programming Technology for the ITT Corporation. During his tenure Capers designed several proprietary software cost and quality estimation tools. He was also a manager and software researcher at IBM, where he designed IBM’s first software cost estimating tools. Capers Jones is a well-known author (18 books), consultant (over 150 clients) and international public speaker.

Program Manager:  Jesse Freese

Twin-SPIN Mission Statement:
The Twin-SPIN software process improvement network (SPIN) is a regional organization established in January of 1996 as a forum for the free and open exchange of software process improvement   experiences and ideas. Representatives from industry, government, academia, other professional organizations, and consultants are welcome to participate. Our mission is to help sustain commitment and enhance skills in the area of software process improvement through an active program of networking and mutual support. The organization strives to serve as a source of educational and experiential information for its members, other SPIN organizations, and the general community of software professionals.  

Meetings are normally held on the 1st Thursday of each month from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Twin-SPIN is a non-profit organization and is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Center for Software Engineering (UMSEC).  

TwinSPIN Nov 2021

Code Freeze 2021- Humane Engineering

The University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center

in partnership with


host the 16th Annual Code Freeze Conference on Feb 25, 2021


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There’s no doubt we live in an age of large-scale, software-intensive systems that involve complex interactions between humans, machines and the environment.  Sociotechnical thinking that considers the relationship between these systems is on the rise and, more than ever, there is demand in industry for holistic engineering approaches.

Join us for our 16th annual Code Freeze event, as we delve into emerging humane engineering practices by and for people by exploring a range of subjects from human-centered design to collaborative software development. This year’s event features an exciting line up of industry leaders and practitioners offering thought-provoking talks and interactive workshops on topics such as learning models, burnout, fairness in AI, human centered design, and more. Our productive and informative day of workshops and talks will be capped off by live, massively-parallel, facilitated, mob-programming sessions!

Registration and Welcome
Scott Hanselman 
Author/Coder/Blogger, Microsoft
Beyond Mentorship - Storytelling and Sponsorship
Elizabeth Adams
Stanford University Human-Centered AI
Exploring AI Ethics through Public Oversight of Surveillance Tech In Minneapolis
Nate Ashford and  David Laribee
Transformation as a Product
Soumitri Kolavennu and Tina Nguyen
US Bank
"Bias/Fairness in AI"
Andrew Rome and Ben Ortega
Best Buy
"Making It (Remote) Work -- Coding and Community"
Woody Zuill 
Coach, Programmer, Mob Programming Pioneer
Mob Programming 101

Mob Programming in small groups

Facilitators led by Austin Chadwick and Chris Lucian

Retrospective and Closing