Jean-Philippe Banon

Jean-Philippe Banon headshot

Jean-Philippe Banon

Postdoctoral Associate, École Polytechnique


  • M.S. in Engineering Physics, École Centrale de Nantes and KTH
  • Ph.D. in Physics, NTNU


Jean-Philippe Banon is a postdoctoral researcher at École Polytechnique with Prof. Marcel Filoche.

He holds a double degree (M.Sc.) in Engineering Physics from École Centrale de Nantes and from KTH where he wrote his master thesis on the simulation of metallic dust transport in magnetically confined fusion plasmas (Sweden 2013). He obtained a PhD in Physics from NTNU on the simulation of electromagnetic wave scattering by ordered and disordered surfaces (Norway 2018). Before joining Prof. Filoche's team, he was a postdoctoral researcher jointly at Saint-Gobain Recherche and at the Langevin Institute where he worked on the theory and simulation of electromagnetic wave scattering by correlated surface and volume disordered media (Paris 2018-2020).

Research Interests

Current research involves developing simulation tools and models of charge carrier transport in semiconductor devices