Max Engelstein

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Max Engelstein

Affiliated Scientist, University of Minnesota



Engelstein is an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) at the University of Minnesota — Twin-Cities broadly interested in the interplay between harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, the calculus of variations and PDE.

Previously, he was a CLE Moore Instructor and an NSF Postdoc at MIT, where his sponsoring scientist is Professor David Jerison. Before that, he was a graduate student at the University of Chicago, with Professor Carlos Kenig as an advisor. 

You can find his thesis on free boundary problems for harmonic and caloric measure.. While in graduate school Max spent several months at the University of Washington, working with Professor Tatiana Toro. He also spent the Spring of 2017 at MSRI as a postdoc in the Harmonic Analysis program, where his mentor was Professor Svitlana Mayboroda.

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