Academic probation and suspension

The College of Science and Engineering believes that every student here has the potential to succeed.

If you are struggling academically, your academic advisor will help you identify your challenges and develop a plan for academic success.

Academic probation

The University places a student on academic probation when the term or cumulative grade point average (GPA) is below 2.0.

Steps you must complete while on academic probation

While you are on academic probation, you may register during your designated queue time if you have completed the following steps:

  1. Fill out the academic probation contract and self-assessment worksheet (PDF).
  2. If you have been admitted to your major (upper division), you must meet with your Director of Undergraduate Studies or Departmental Advisor to review your registration plan and discuss your Academic Probation Contract. Your Director of Undergraduate Studies or Departmental Advisor must sign the contract. Bring the completed contract to your meeting with your CSE College Academic Advisor. If you are a pre-major (lower division) student, skip this step and go on to step 3.
  3. Bring your completed Academic Probation Contract and Self-Assessment worksheet to your academic probation meeting with your CSE College Academic Advisor. Be prepared to discuss your completed forms as well as your goals for the term and changes you will make/have made to improve your academic record.
  • Please call 612-624-2890 or stop into 105 Lind Hall to schedule this appointment.
  • If you do not bring your completed forms to this appointment, you will be required to reschedule.
  • If you are a pre-major student, you will also need to schedule a registration appointment, which must take place after this appointment; so, it is important to schedule this appointment early in the semester.

Academic probation requirements

As a CSE student, you must meet these minimum academic requirements during your probation semester in order to avoid suspension from the University:

  • Complete the Academic Probation Contract and required probation meeting(s) by the end of the seventh week of the term.
  • Earn at least a 2.0 term GPA or maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Meet any additional requirements of your Director of Undergraduate Studies in your major department or CSE College Academic Advisor.

Significant changes to your coursework, missing or incomplete grades, and/or failure to complete at least one technical course (3-plus credits) may result in your continuing on probation at the discretion of the CSE Scholastic Committee.


Failure to meet any of the requirements of your academic probation will result in your suspension from the University of Minnesota. At that time, you will be dropped from any courses you have enrolled in for future terms and will not be eligible to register at the University of Minnesota for at least one academic year. You are encouraged to consult your academic advisor for guidance and support during that time. After one year, you will need to submit a Petition for Reinstatement after suspension form to the CSE Scholastic Committee to have your status reconsidered. Reinstatement is not automatic. You will need to demonstrate that you have made changes that will help facilitate a successful return to the University of Minnesota.

Petition for Reinstatement after Suspension Deadlines:

  • Fall semester–July 1
  • Spring semester–November 1