GAGE funds appointment and payment procedures


Grants to Advance Graduate Education (GAGE) are provided by the Graduate School to aid programs in supporting graduate students. Funds are distributed to programs from the CSE Dean’s Office using a formula that takes both program size and measures of quality into account.

Use of funds

Programs are encouraged to leverage other departmental funds in order to make the most effective use of the allocation, e.g. partial fellowship paired with an assistantship or tuition awards paired with non-tuition-paying fellowships. GAGE funds are for direct student support and may be used in the following manner:

  • Graduate student stipend
  • Graduate student tuition and tuition benefit
  • Graduate student health insurance premium
  • Graduate student travel grants for research, scholarly and educational purposes


Recipients must be registered for credit, not GRAD 999. They must be notified of the award in writing, with all departmental expectations and requirements stated clearly in the letter. Students must also be informed in the award letter that fellowship stipends are subject to taxation, and that the amount of any loans or other need-based aid they are receiving from the Office of Student Finance (OSF) may be affected by the award.

Appointment and stipend payments

Students supported on these funds may be appointed as fellows or graduate assistants in the HR/Payroll system. (Note that if the individual is required to perform service as a condition of receiving the funds, they must be classified as an employee). The allocations are transferred to programs using the following account information: 1000-DEPTID-20563. Transfers are processed in the fall. Departments may not charge expenditures to account values other than 700300, 700310, 800101, 800102, 800103, 800104 and 800601.

Smaller stipend payments and one-time travel grants can be paid through the Scholarship Automation process using the designated EFS Account value 800102 (grants) or 800103 (travel grants). Instructions on how to get access and use the online process can be found on the Academic Support Resources website.

Payment of tuition, health insurance, and collegiate fee

Programs are responsible for processing tuition, health insurance, and the CSE collegiate fee payments for graduate fellows and for students supported by Quality Assessment funds.

Tuition payments

  • Or, send a request on letterhead to Third Party Billing, 169 Fraser Hall. Include the student’s name, ID#, dollar amount authorized for tuition, semester(s) of authorization, and chartfield string
  • Do not use this form to authorize insurance coverage for the Graduate Assistant Health Plan, see below

Resident tuition rates

To request resident tuition rates for non-resident fellows, send the following to the Graduate School Fellowship Office, 314 Johnston: copies of the award letters with a cover letter listing student names, ID#s, and the semester(s) of coverage. Non-residents are eligible for resident tuition rates if they receive a departmental fellowship stipend that is equivalent to a 25% graduate assistantship salary.

Health insurance coverage

  • Complete the Department Authorization Form available on the Graduate Assistant Health Plan website.
  • Please request payment for fall, spring, and summer semesters. This will ensure that you only have to complete the authorization request once during the year.
  • Submit the form to the Office of Student Health Benefits. Questions regarding payment procedures should be directed to or 612-624-0627.

CSE collegiate fee

CSE will cover the collegiate fee for students with fellowships that qualify them for tuition benefits. To request payment, submit the Internal Billing Authorization form and use chartfield string 1026-11061-20438 as the source of funds. For fellowship students who have a partial RA or TA appointment, the collegiate fee is automatically covered in full due to the RA/TA appointment and the internal billing form is not necessary. You may use the same chartfield string to cover the collegiate fee for Doctoral Dissertation Fellows.