Social Systems

legs of people walking

College of Science and Engineering faculty are using data science to understand people, society, and systems present within our world.

Affiliated Faculty

Krishnamurthy Iyer headshot
Associate Professor — ISyE; Dynamical models and computational tools, Logistics and Supply Chain, Smart Cities/Transportation
Melissa Kenney
Research Faculty, Institute on the Environment; Environmental Decision Support Science, Data Visualization, Indigenous-centered Data Science, Science Usability, Data Accessibility
Alireza Khani headshot
Professor — CEGE; Smart Cities/Transportation
Joseph Konstan headshot photo
Professor — CS&E; Ethics/Fairness, Social media/social networks
Murti Salapaka headshot
Professor — ECE; Power grids/Networks and Cyber Security, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems, Sensors and Sensor Networks, Smart Cities/Transportation, Social media/social networks
Jaideep Srivastava headshot
Director of Undergraduate Studies — Data Science; Social media/social networks
Loren Terveen headshot
Professor and Associate Department Head — CS&E; HCI, Ethics/Fairness, Social media/social networks
Lana Yarosh headshot
Associate Professor — CS&E; Digital Health/Health Informatics/EHR, Mental Health/ Science
di zhu headshot
Di Zhu
Assistant Professor— Geography, Environment and Society; Smart Cities/Transportation, Urban/Population Research & Data, Social media/social networks