Financial Support for Graduate Students

Three types of financial support are available for graduate students: fellowshipsresearch assistantships (RAs) and teaching assistantships (TAs). Fellowships are solely reserved for PhD students. Information on RAs is noted below, and TAs through the link on this page. In general all forms of support provide a regular stipend, waiver of all or part of tuition and fees, and a health insurance and benefit package. 

PhD students who apply by the December 15 deadline will automatically be considered, on a competitive basis, for pre-awards (awards offered in advance of a student's enrollment) of financial support. These are typically a combination of fellowship support and a single teaching assistantship. PhD students in good standing should expect to maintain financial support for the entirety of their degree through RA and TA positions, after their initial fellowship year.

PhD and MSME students who enroll (accept admission) without a pre-award are still eligible for research and/or teaching assistantships prior to joining the University. International students should also contact the office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for counseling, advising, financial aid, career and immigration status services.

Research Assistantships (RAs). Research assistantships (RAs) are appointments from faculty members who hold research contracts and grants. These appointments usually materialize through direct discussions with individual faculty. Please see individual faculty pages for more information on research topics. The faculty member providing support will serve as your academic adviser. Appointments vary, depending on the availability of funds and the academic progress of the student. Research appointments are made at any time in the calendar year depending on funding and other factors.