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"Non-Linear Optics technics implemented to measure Electric Fields. Green (532nm Laser is visible due to Canada wildfire dust in air) Location: Simeni lab Equipment: Pico-second laser, Photo Multiplier Tube"
Aligning optics to measure electric fields in plasmas using a picosecond laser.
Team aligning a laser induced plasma droplet generator, to develop a system to measure 13.5nm EUV generation.
The people of the Simeni research group are all in this pictures in the lab. They are wearing there laser protective googles that they need to wear all the times while working in the lab.
Students working in ABET lab
ME grad student poses with paper award and Prof Allison Hubel
At the arboretum at Michigan University. Bruggeman and Simeni lab went to the Plasma Summer School (conference). The included people are Ji Yung Ahn, Tasnim Akbar Faruquee, Grayson LaCombe, Mehreen and Shubham Dongarwar, and Mehreen Khan

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota is one of the foremost graduate programs in the United States, serving the state and nation as a leading center of education, research, and innovation. Mechanical Engineering is one of twelve departments in the College of Science and Engineering, which includes departments of mathematics, the physical sciences, and engineering. This structure is highly effective at fostering multidisciplinary research and education.

We have over 50 research labs that give graduate students access to resources like groundbreaking 3D printing, cutting-edge robots, the University's own wind turbine, and even the Mississippi River.

The Department’s graduate program ranked in the top ten in the nation in the most recent National Research Council (NRC) Assessment of Doctoral Research Programs. Our graduates go on to highly sought-after positions in both academia and industry.

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