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Below are the most frequent questions the ME Student Services Office receives.

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How do I get on the wait list for a course?

If you need to get on a wait list, you must fill out the access form found via the button below.

ME Course Wait List Form 


What is a DS hold and how do I have it moved out so I can register?

The Department Stamp hold is your advising hold. Check the active term. That is the semester it will prevent registration. Please note the hold will never be deleted so you will always see it on your account.

If you need to have the hold moved out, please schedule an advising appointment.

Schedule an Advising Appointment


When am I able to register for next semester?

Registration times can be found on One Stop.

See Registration Times


Who is my advisor?

Check your MyU account or APAS report to see who your advisor is. The Undergraduate Program Coordinator in ME is assigned to you as your department advisor. You still have your CSE college advisor as well. Advising in mechanical engineering is conducted by faculty. You are not assigned one. Rather, you are able to schedule with whomever you choose.

How do I schedule an advising appointment?

Appointments are scheduled online only:

Schedule an Advising Appointment


What is the process for getting my technical electives approved?

Your technical electives need to be pre-approved by a faculty advisor. Please schedule an appointment to have them pre-approved. They must be pre-approved before you register for your final semester.

More information about the approval process and the form can be found on our Academic Advising & Degree Planning page.

How do I petition for an exception?

Where can I see if a course I take elsewhere will transfer back?

What should I do if I want to take courses at other institutions while enrolled at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities?

First, check to ensure your desired course will transfer to the University of Minnesota (see How do I know if a transfer course will fulfill a degree requirement? below for links to the transfer equivalency information). Then, contact your college or departmental academic advisor to discuss your plans, and make sure the course(s) you select is appropriate for your plans. Next, contact One Stop to discuss what impact, if any, taking a course elsewhere may have on your financial aid.

Additionally, you are responsible for getting the transcripts from the institution(s) where you take course(s) sent to the University of Minnesota. The Office of Admissions handles course transfer application to your record; please contact their office if you have questions regarding sending your transcript(s).

More information:

How do I know if a transfer course will fulfill a degree requirement?

You are responsible for ensuring that courses you take outside of the University will satisfy degree requirements. By following the steps listed under What should I do if I want to take courses at other institutions while enrolled at the UMN-Twin Cities, you will able to make a fully informed decision about the courses you intend to take.

The following resources are available to help you find courses that will satisfy University of Minnesota requirements:

More information can be found on the CSE Academic Advising FAQ page.

How do I apply for graduation?

See the One Stop Apply to Graduate page.

How will withdrawing affect my status and financial aid?

See the One Stop Drop a Class page for affects on financial aid.

How do I obtain enrollment verification?

See the One Stop Verify your Enrollment Status page.

I have forms I need my advisor to sign. What do I do?

"Advisor" doesn't automatically mean Mechanical Engineering Student Services. Please see the table below for the correct place to go.


Advising Forms and Actions to Take

Form What action should I take? Where should I bring it?
OPT: Optional Practical Training Form for international students Obtain paperwork packet online or at the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105)
CPT: Curricular Practical Training Form for International Students Obtain paperwork packet online or at the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office The department where credit will be awarded
Academic Planning For Study Abroad Form See Instructions section on form If you plan to fill a technical requirement: Director of Undergraduate Studies in your department


CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105)
ROTC Academic Plan Form

This form is required for students in an ROTC program; you will obtain this form from your primary ROTC contact
Bring paper form to CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105); you will be asked to leave it for your college academic advisor. If you need to consult with your advisor before submitting the form, contact the advising front desk or your advisor to set up an appointment CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) Form See To file an appeal section on form CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105)


One Stop Student Services
13-Credit Exemption Request Form

Credit Exemption Request Policy
Review policy, and submit request online Online
Request for Special Exam Form Requests can begin with consultation from your college academic advisor; however, all decisions regarding a special examination are handled by the department offering the course

Review form for detailed instructions
The academic department or unit offering the course or subject for which the student is seeking examination
Leave of Absence (LOA) Form You must contact your college academic advisor to discuss whether a Leave of Absence is appropriate for your situation. If your situation warrants an LOA, your advisor will provide you with the LOA form and discuss your future program planning with you.

Follow the steps on the Leave of Absence checklist (see Apply for LOA - undergraduate students)
CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105)
APAS Correction Form

Use if you require any course substitutions, technical, or department elective adjustments made to your APAS; for major-related corrections only
See Student Directions on form Department/ faculty advisor or your Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS)


CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105)
Application for Readmission Form

All undergraduates who are returning to the University following a time away from the U of M
See instructions for your situation at the top of the form CSE Academic Advising Office (Lind Hall, Suite 105)
Application for Undergraduate Change of College Form

Changing a Major Guide
See One Stop Student Services Change Your Major, Minor, College, or Campus webpage for instructions

Complete the form
Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credits Guide Review the Transfer Course Petition Guide

Review the Transfer Course Petition Instructions

Complete and submit the Transfer Course Petition Form according to instructions on the form
University of Minnesota Office of Admissions
Class Time Conflict Form

Class Time Conflict Policy
If you are unable to register for a class due to class times conflicting with each other
Bring form to both instructors to gain approval One Stop Student Services

Where can I get an official transcript?

See the One Stop Transcripts page.

How do I obtain a professional license?

Contact the Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design about the Engineer in Training and Professional Engineer Exams.

85 East 7th Place, Suite 160
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-296-2388
Fax: 651-297-5310
TTY: 1-800-627-3529

CSE Career Center

Can't find the answer here? Try CSE's page.