ME Communications

Looking for materials to help you make UMN ME look good to an external audience? You've come to the right place!


If you have questions, requests, news items, or other things that fall under the communications umbrella, email


ME Logos

There are four logo layouts, each with gold, black maroon, white, and occasionally combination options. PNGs are available in this Google folder. If you would like vector files, email

Zoom Backgrounds

ME Zoom Backgrounds

Want to cover up your messy office while showing your ME pride? Great news! These ME Zoom backgrounds will do just that.

Profile Avatars

ME Profile Avatar

Spice up your email account with an ME avatar! These lil images are sized for email and social media profile avatar images. If you would like to request a new style, email

About ME

About ME

Need some boilerplate language about ME to c+p into a document or presentation? Coming soon, we'll have one-sentence, short paragraph, and long paragraph versions to help you brag about ME when you are out and about. Stay tuned!

ME PowerPoints

ME PowerPoints

There are three master slide styles, which each have all of the slide types you know and love. Head into the Master View to make your choice!

"How good are you with PowerPoint?"
"I excel!"
"Was that a Microsoft Office pun?"

Drupal Lite Sites

Screenshot of Drupal Lite Site

Would you like a Drupal Lite site for your lab or your personal page? Request one through OIT. In your request form, note that you would like to use the CSE lab page shell, and appoint at least two editors to manage the site (often a graduate student and a PI). For Drupal Lite support, refer back to OIT's help page.

Talking to the Media

Do you have an upcoming interview with a writer/journalist/member of the media? Help us help you get your amazing research out into the world! Here are some tips to keep in mind when prepping for your interview.

ME PR 101

ME Style Guide

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Raleway! If Raleway doesn't work for you, Open Sans is a good dupe. 

What should I call the department?

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