Four ME Students Win 2021 President's Student Leadership & Service Awards

Two ME undergrads and two PhD candidates were recognized for their leadership efforts on behalf of the University and the Twin Cities community. The President's Student Leadership & Service Awards (PSLSA) honor outstanding students for their invaluable leadership and service. Nominations are accepted each year, and awards go to the most exceptional student leaders at the U. ME leads the way!

Daniel Glynn
"I am most proud that I was able to 3D print and donate 2,700+ face shields for medical staff and first responders in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when there were PPE shortages. It is fulfilling knowing that my engineering experience allowed me to protect my community."

Sankar Muthukrishnan
PhD candidate
"I am most proud of my leadership role as the President of the SKY@UMN club. My team shared mental wellness resources and organized happiness retreats that teach yoga and meditation for the undergraduate and graduate/professional student communities. I am proud of my dynamic team and our achievements."

Venkat Reddy
"I am most proud of my experiences with the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student Council, allowing me to better serve my classmates and friends with their journey through the program."

Aaron Tucker
PhD candidate
"I am most proud that I led the UMN technical team which created the Coventor, the first FDA Emergency Use Approved ventilator alternative for the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with MN industry, we successfully created 3000 Coventors for use in the US and internationally."

To lean more about the award and see a full list of present and past recipients, visit the PSLSA page.