Haagen-Smit Clean Air Award Goes to David Kittelson

The California Air Resources Board awarded the 2020-2021 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards to six recipients, including ME Professor David Kittelson. The awards recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to improving air quality and meeting climate goals. This prestigious honor is recognized as the most important in the field of air pollution control, and is a fitting achievement for Kittelson's career-long commitment to understanding and controlling engine emissions.

“The Haagen-Smit Award is our way of honoring individuals who have championed public health with innovative and far-reaching contributions to air pollution research, science, clean air technology and advocacy, policy and leadership,” CARB Chair Liane Randolph said. “From shaping our understanding of the human health impacts of toxic diesel pollution to groundbreaking work in atmospheric chemistry research, the long and distinguished careers of these six extraordinary people have changed how we address climate change and fight air pollution around the world.”

Kittelson has been working on engine emissions and their adverse health impacts since the 1970s — making himself a world leader on the subject long before it became mainstream. 

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