New Protective Device for Healthcare Professionals

Professor Chris Hogan used his aerosol expertise to assist Medical School professors in creating protection for healthcare workers that goes beyond N95 masks. The team's respiratory procedure box will help prevent airborne transfer of COVID-19 from patients by limiting the potential for droplets emitted during coughing and sneezing. For procedures like intubation, extubation, and other airway-related treatments, the box provides protection beyond an N95 mask because it blocks droplets while putting the barrier close to the patient so multiple health care providers can attend simultaneously — and safely.

The box features four arm holes with protected openings and a HEPA filter on the top of the box. The filter allows three out of every 10,000 particles to pass through — an excellent rate for filtration. 

So far, 11 boxes are in use at M Health Fairview hospitals, with more in progress.

Respiratory procedure box team
(L to R): Dr. Hai-Thien Phu, Professor Chris Hogan (ME), Dr. Asish Abraham, Dr. Kumar Belani, Eugen Floersch (M-Simulation), Jon Chaika (M-Simulation), Reid Mimmack (Med School), Austin Andrews (ME), Yensil Park (ME), Candace Nelson (Med School. Not pictured: Ian Marabella (ME), Bernard Olson (ME), Dr. Gwenyth Fischer, Ron Bystrom (CSE Machine Shop), Peter Ness (CSE Machine Shop), Robert Jones (CSE Machine Shop).