Richard Goldstein Academic Lineage

A group, comprising of two advisees of renowned mechanical engineer Richard J. Goldstein (1928-2023), gathered a family tree of Goldstein's academic lineage, dating back to 1499!

The group, led by John Shadid (Sandia National Labs) and Umesh Madanan (IIT Kanpur), traced Goldstein's academic "family tree" from his arrival at the University of Minnesota in 1959 all the way back to Nicolaus Copernicus.


a family tree showing Richard Goldstein's academic lineage

Goldstein came to the University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering Department in 1950 to study for a master’s degree, eventually earning a PhD and then joining the faculty in 1961. In all, Goldstein was a part of the department — whether as a graduate student, faculty member, or researcher — for nearly 70 years. He was an active member of the department, serving as professor, researcher, and department head. He advised 74 doctoral and 82 master’s students, and was still advising students at the time of his death. His work in heat transfer took him all over the world and led to more than 300 publications. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1985 “for his outstanding contributions in heat transfer measurement techniques and in film cooling, leading to improved efficiency of gas turbines.”

A comprehensive write-up on Goldstein's academic lineage was recently published as a guest editorial in ASME Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer and can be accessed via