Hosted Publications

Price, Robert M. -  Press conference stockholders meeting at Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Robert Price, Past CEO of Control Data Corporation, donated text of his many speeches to CBI.
IBM Rochester half century of innovation book cover
Published in 2006, Arthur Norberg (former CBI Director) and Jeffrey Yost (current CBI Director) compiled oral histories and stories of IBM Rochester's first 50 years.
David Walden
Bolt, Beranek and Newman's (BBN) David Walden, an ARPANET pioneer.

The Charles Babbage Institute is proud to make available to researchers materials produced by CBI staff, our research fellows, our co-founder, along with other scholars and authors who have entrusted their materials to CBI. They consist of items formally published by an outside publisher and now out of print, material produced for an institutional client, serial reports, collections of speeches, and other content we believe would be of interest to the research community and have been given rights to publish/republish on this portion of the CBI Website. The publications below are categorized by CBI Staff/Fellows and Outside Authors. Additional materials will be added to this site as we receive them.