Vintage Computer Sources

The following links give information on vintage computers and calculators, and highlights related institutions that hold collections of vintage computer hardware. Those interested in donating old computer hardware should examine the specific institution's web site for information regarding each museum and its collecting scope.

Computer History Museum

Computer Hardware Collections at Related Institutions 

United States

American Computer Museum
Bozeman, MT 

Bradbury Science Museum
Los Alamos, NM 

The Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

Museum of Industry and Technology
Chippewa Falls, WI 

Hagley Museum and Library
Wilmington, DE 

Intel Museum
Santa Clara, CA 

Microsoft Visitor Center
Redmond, WA 

MIT Museum
Cambridge, MA 

Smithsonian-National Museum of American History
Washington, D.C. 

InfoAge Science & History Center
Wall, N.J. 


Musee National des Techniques, Paris


Deutsches Museum

Heinz Nixdorfs Museum

United Kingdom

The Science Museum