New freshmen FAQ

What if I don’t know what major is for me?

  • All new freshmen explore majors and opportunities on campus and beyond.
  • Our career counselors and academic advisors work one-on-one with students.
  • With both the physical science and engineering in one college – which is rare – you can choose among 20 majors without having to apply to a different college.
  • Most majors in the college take the same technical courses the first year.
  • Our CSE 1001 First-Year Experience course starts off your first semester, including major exploration activities.

Will I feel lost in such a big university?

  • The College of Science and Engineering is a tight-knit college community within a Big Ten University.
  • Our science and engineering buildings are located together in the heart of campus near freshman residence halls and the student union.
  • You can get connected right away by choosing a Living Learning Community.
  • With more than 75 student groups in CSE and hundreds University-wide, you’ll quickly find your niche on campus.

Can I have a learning abroad experience within this kind of technical program?

Can I get involved in research?

  • Undergraduate students work with top faculty on innovative research projects – and earn while they learn – through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Learn more on the UROP website.
  • There are other undergraduate research opportunities available to students.

Is there an honors program?

  • All freshman applicants are considered for the University of Minnesota’s Honors Program. CSE students make up the largest group of honors students every year. Learn more on the Honors website.
  • There are honors versions of core CSE courses including physics, math, and chemistry.

Will my education lead to a great career?

  • Our academic programs prepare students for tomorrow’s careers.
  • You will learn technical skills and develop essential workplace skills such as teamwork and communication through project-based learning and hands-on labs.
  • Our large alumni network and many industry partners lead to exceptional opportunities for internships, mentoring, advising, and careers.
  • The CSE Career Center offers career services and hosts two large career fairs each year just for science and engineering students.
  • Our degree programs in engineering, computer science, and the physical sciences prepare you for high-demand careers.

Where can I learn more about the College of Science and Engineering?

What computer should I get?

For guidance on what laptop to buy, see our computer recommendations for students