Summer camps

Youth are invited to engage and build capacity through immersive, on-campus explorations of science, engineering, technology, or mathematics.

Discover STEM

  • These week-long day camps offer a hands-on introduction to the variety of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics opportunities at CSE.
  • Grades 11, 12
  • Experience campus life, learn more about academic programs, and explore potential careers through activities such as: lab experiments, science and technology demonstrations, campus, residential life, and lab tours, as well as lectures and career panel discussions.
  • Visit the Discover STEM web page.

Girls Inc. at the YWCA of Minneapolis–Eureka!

  • Eureka! is a five-year summer and school year program for girls focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Eureka! builds sisterhood with girls from all over the Twin Cities, exploring their career interests and dreams while supporting them through high school graduation and preparing them for the next step in their post-secondary education.
  • A partnership between Girls Inc. at the YWCA of Minneapolis and the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
  • Girls eligible to apply are current 7th graders (entering 8th grade in the upcoming fall)
  • Visit the Eureka! website or call 612-215-4369.

IMA-MathCEP Math Modeling Camp

  • This week-long summer camp will offer high school students the chance to use their mathematical skills to analyze real-world situations. Under the supervision of educators and University faculty, participants will work collaboratively on open-ended modeling problems, develop practical solutions, and present results to their peers.
  • High school students who have completed a year-long course in single variable calculus by the end of the current school year.
  • Organizer: Institute for Mathematics and its Applications and School of Mathematics Center for Educational Programs
  • Visit the MathCEP enrichment website.

National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI)

  • This free two-week summer day camp at the University of Minnesota will introduce youth to the many aspects of the transportation field through field trips around the Twin Cities, participating in hands-on lab activities, and learning from experts about what it’s like to work in transportation.
  • Learn how different parts of the transportation system work together to keep you (and the things you buy) moving in cars, trucks, planes, and boats in Minnesota and beyond. Go behind the scenes on exciting field trips to places like the Minneapolis–St. Paul Airport, St. Paul Port Authority, Metro Transit, FedEx, and more. Take a spin in a driving simulator and learn how it’s used to make our roads safer.
  • Entering grades 7-9
  • Organizer: Center for Transportation Studies
  • Contact information: Email Claire Johnson at or call 612-625-5608.
  • Visit the NSTI website.

Machine Learning Virtual Summer Camp

  • Experience the exciting and growing field of machine learning!
  • All students entering grads 11 and 12 in fall 2020 are eligible to apply.
  • Participants will learn cool programming and math techniques to work on hands-on computer projects that make a difference in the world.
  • Visit the Machine Learning Virtual Summer Camp website.

Technology Day Camp

  • This three-day summer camp explores the wonders of technology, robotics, and college in general; free diversity and outreach program
  • Grades 6-8
  • Organizer: Digital Technology Center and the Center for Distributed Robotics
  • Visit the Tech Camp website.

Summer Computer Academy

  • This week-long day camp teaches the foundations of computer programming using Python. It includes lectures on the fundamental programming concepts and on the Python programming language, together with extensive hands-on experience in a computer lab.
  • Participants have ample time to work in a computer lab to develop programs for small robots, image processing, and other applications under close supervision of teaching assistants. In addition, there are a variety of career planning and discovery activities.
  • Female students grades 6–12, with or without previous programming experience.
  • Visit the Summer Computer Academy website.