Networking Collaborations

5G networking stock image

David Du is working on a number of emerging high-speed networks that provide speed from 1 gigabit to 100 gigabits per second of raw communication bandwidth. These networks are used for storage and communication applications, however, the maximum achievable throughput available to the end-user or application is quite limited. In order to fully utilize the network bandwidth and to improve the performance at the application level, a careful examination of I/O subsystems is essential. 

The research support team work with Prof Du on developing testing environments that could analyze what was happening at each stage of the communication pipeline.

Jim and his Research Support team have worked with my group on a number of research projects, especially the ones involved with advanced networking equipment like HiPPI, ATM and Fiber Channel. We have also worked together to construct a few testbeds to evaluate and experience with these advanced networking devices.  As a result of his collaborations , we have published a number of technical papers. Some examples are listed below:”

David Du

  • "Distributed Networking Computing on ATM Networks" published in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 13(4), pp. 147-167
  • "Performance of High-Speed Network I/O Subsystems: Case Study of A Fiber Channel Network" published in 1994 Supercomputing Conference

In collaboration with Prof Du’s researchers we were able to establish collaborations with several companies such as AT&T and Dell to get early releases of networking hardware and software which allowed us to work with their Research and Development engineers