Class Home Pages: Create a Backup Copy

Class Home Pages are a legacy way course materials were made available online. 

This article contains instructions to create a backup copy of your Class Home Page content.

Create a Backup Copy

  1. SSH to a CSE Ubuntu Machine.
  2. Run:
    • Where:
      • <semester> is the term and year you want a backup from.
    • Example: cd /web/classes/Spring-2021
  3. Run:
    • Where:
      • <backup-name> is the backup filename. 
      • <course> is the directory of the course you want to copy.
    • Example: tar czf ~/Spring-2021-csci2021.tar.gz csci2021
  4. The backup copy will be created in your home directory.

Move the Backup to Google Drive

  1. Sign in to a physical Ubuntu Machine or VOLE.
  2. Open the File Manager. You should see your Class Home Page backup copy on the default screen that opens.
  3. Upload the backup copy to Google Drive.