Managed and Self-Managed Hosting

CSE-IT offers managed and self-managed models of support for University-owned computers. A managed machine lets you focus on your research or instructional needs without having to worry about details of keeping a machine running reliably or troubleshooting issues.

Available Operating Systems (OS)

Managed Machines

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu
  • Rocky Linux (RedHat Family)

Self-Managed Machines

  • Choose your own OS


Managed Machines

CSE-IT supports troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance of the following on managed machines:

  • Anti-Virus Software (where applicable)
  • Hardware (While under service contract)
  • Standard Software
  • Security Patches & Updates
  • 3rd-Party Software
  • User Account Management
  • File Shares
  • Printing
  • Backups of managed data, such as home directories and project space
  • Compliance with University standards and policies

Self-Managed Machines

You are responsible for the troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance of self-managed machines. Including, ensuring that your machine complies with University standards and policies. CSE-IT will provide limited assistance with hardware and standard software. 

System Administration

Due to the wide range of potential hardware and software, we strongly recommend that system administration be trusted only to full-time professionals—especially when any restricted or highly-restricted data is involved.


CSE-IT staff may audit the security and management practices of self-managed machines.

Benefits of Managed Machines

  • One-click installation of many common software applications via Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (macOS).
  • Integration into the University’s IT infrastructure, such as accounts, file servers, and storage.
  • Automated access to networked printers.
  • More help at your disposal from CSE-IT and the Office of Information Technology.
  • For instructors, a managed desktop will be more similar to managed computers that students use in CSE computer labs.

When to Choose a Self-Managed Machine

  • CSE-IT recommends a self-managed virtual machine if:
    • Your research or instructional work requires root access.
    • You need a machine that can be securely isolated from public University networks.
  • CSE-IT recommends a self-managed physical machine if:

Switching Between Self-Managed and Managed Machines

  • When switching between options, back up your data first as your machine will be completely wiped and an OS reinstalled. 
  • Moving from self-managed to managed is recommended.
  • Switching back and forth between options is discouraged.
  • Changing states during winter break or summer break helps avoid interruptions while classes are in session.

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