Self-Managed Hosting

Provides limited support for your server or workstation, with most administrative responsibilities  assumed by the requester.

What’s Included

  • Consultation to determine if a managed or self-managed computer is best for your needs.
  • Physical or virtual server hardware pre-purchase consulting.
  • For physical servers:
    • Physical space in the CSE Data Center, power and cooling.
    • A dedicated, wired network connection.

What’s Not Included

  • Managed computers are available via the Managed Hosting service.
    • University software applications available through Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (macOS) on managed computers.
  • Integration with the University’s IT infrastructure, such as accounts, file servers, and storage.
  • Best effort installation of requested open source software.
  • General technology support is available via the First Contact Service Desk and Computer and Device Support services.

What You Need to Do

You are responsible for


Use Guidance

Use Guidance - Accepted

May be used when "Preferred" is not an option.

Life Cycle Phase

Life Cycle Phase - Available

Currently available for use.