Food, Energy and the Environment

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CSE faculty are spurring innovations in the agricultural and environmental sciences by addressing key issues, such as sustainable farming techniques, crop surveillance, and green energy.



Affiliated Faculty

Chris Bartel headshot
Assistant Professor — CEMS; Deep Learning, Nanotechnology
Jason Goodpaster headshot
Assistant Professor — Chemistry; Environment/Climate/Energy, Materials Design, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems, Physical Sciences, Chemistry
Vipin Kumar headshot
Professor — CS&E; Genomics/Precision Medicine, Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water
Murti Salapaka headshot
Professor — ECE; Power grids/Networks and Cyber Security, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems, Smart Cities/Transportation
Lian Shen headshot
Professor — MechE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water
Michael Steinbach umn
Researcher — CS&E; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems
Harvey Thorleifson headshot
Professor, Director — ESCI; Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Database & Data Integration, Agriculture/Food/Water
Ce Yang headshot
Assistant Professor — BBE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water
Su Yang headshot
Assistant Professor — MechE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems, Simulation of reacting flows, Physical Sciences, Chemistry
Qi Zhang headshot
Assistant Professor — ChemE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water, Green Technologies, Power grids/Networks and Cyber Security, Smart Cities/Transportation