Food, Energy and the Environment

Affiliated Faculty

Chris Bartel headshot
Assistant Professor — CEMS; Deep Learning, Nanotechnology
485 Amundson Hall
Ardeshir Ebtehaj
Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering
162 Civil Engineering Building
Jason Goodpaster headshot
Assistant Professor — Chemistry; Environment/Climate/Energy, Materials Design, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems, Physical Sciences, Chemistry
Melissa Kenney
Research Faculty, Institute on the Environment; Environmental Decision Support Science, Data Visualization, Indigenous-centered Data Science, Science Usability, Data Accessibility
Vipin Kumar headshot
Professor — CS&E; Genomics/Precision Medicine, Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water
Murti Salapaka headshot
Professor — ECE; Power grids/Networks and Cyber Security, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems, Smart Cities/Transportation
Lian Shen headshot
Professor — MechE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water
Michael Steinbach umn
Researcher — CS&E; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems
Harvey Thorleifson headshot
Professor, Director — ESCI; Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Database & Data Integration, Agriculture/Food/Water
Ce Yang headshot
Assistant Professor — BBE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water
207 BioAgEng Building
Su Yang headshot
Assistant Professor — MechE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Computational Simulations of Physical Systems, Simulation of reacting flows, Physical Sciences, Chemistry
Qi Zhang headshot
Assistant Professor — ChemE; Environment/Climate/Energy, Agriculture/Food/Water, Green Technologies, Power grids/Networks and Cyber Security, Smart Cities/Transportation
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CSE faculty are spurring innovations in the agricultural and environmental sciences by addressing key issues, such as sustainable farming techniques, crop surveillance, and green energy.