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Lecture: Matt Jacob

Data Science Seminar

Matt Jacob (Purdue University)

Lecture: Adil Ali

Industrial Problems Seminar

Adil Ali (CH Robinson)

Lecture: Mitchell Kinney

Industrial Problems Seminar

Mitchell Kinney (The MITRE Corporation)

Lecture: Kevin Xu

Data Science Seminar

Kevin Xu (Case Western Reserve University)

Lecture: Sandhya Prabhakaran

Industrial Problems Seminar

Sandhya Prabhakaran (Moffitt Cancer Center)

Lecture: Laura Lurati

Industrial Problems Seminar

Laura Lurati (Edward Jones)

Lecture: Morgan Turner

Data Science Seminar

Morgan Turner (Harvard University)

Lecture: Michelle Snider

Industrial Problems Seminar

Michelle Snider (Service Robotics & Technologies)

Lecture: Elad Romanov

Data Science Seminar

Elad Romanov (Stanford University)

Developing Online Learning Experiments Using Doenet (2023)


In this five-day workshop, participants will learn how to create and implement online learning experiments using the Distributed Open Education Network (Doenet, doenet.org). Doenet is designed to help faculty critically evaluate how different content choices influence student learning in their classrooms. Doenet enables instructors to quickly test hypotheses regarding the relative effectiveness of alternative approaches by providing tools to assign different variations of an activity and analyze the resulting data.

Following brief introductions and demos of features of the Doenet platform, participants will work in small groups to develop learning experiments that can be used in the college classroom, assisted by the developers of Doenet. The expectation is that participants will leave the workshop with a learning experiment that they can use in their classroom the following year.

The workshop will run from 9 AM on Monday, May 22 through 4 PM on Friday, May 26. All organized activities will occur between 9 AM and 4 PM each day.

The workshop is open to faculty at all levels teaching STEM courses.

Applications to the workshop will open in January, 2023. For more information, contact us at info@doenet.org.

This workshop is fully funded by the National Science Foundation. All accepted participants who request funding for travel and/or local expenses will receive support. There is no registration fee.

Participants who perform learning experiments on Doenet during the following academic year will be eligible to receive a small stipend to support their work.

Supported by NSF grant DUE 1915363.