Advisory Committees

Planning and Policy Board (PPB)

Consists of one senior representative from each Sponsor-level member company, plus: the IPRIME Program Leaders, the Faculty Director of the IPRIME Partnership, IPRIME’s Executive Director, the Director of the MRSEC, the Dean of the College of Science & Engineering, and the University of Minnesota’s Vice President for Research. The Board advises the Partnership on the general direction and performance of the management, from the perspective of both the University and the concerned industrial partners. In addition, the Board evaluates the scientific excellence of the Partnership’s research, the relevance of its programs, and the effectiveness of its transfer of technology. An elected industrial representative chairs these meetings.

Technical Advisory Committees (TACs)

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) advises each research program. Company representatives are assigned to the TAC Committee based on the member company’s level of membership and chosen program area of participation, per the Membership Agreement. Sponsor-level members may send one technical representative for each program in which they participate. Affiliate members and Small Company Affiliates may send one technical representative for the program in which they participate.

TAC Representatives give feedback on research emphases, project choices, and long-term directions. TAC members also act as conduits for technology transfer between IPRIME faculty and company researchers. One of the industrial representatives co-chairs these meetings, along with the Program Leader.