What is IPRIME

IPRIME is a university/industry partnership at the University of Minnesota based on two-way knowledge transfer. The partnership is a consortium of companies supporting fundamental, collaborative research on materials with university members. 


We have 61 faculty, and their graduate students, involved from 9 academic departments conducting research in 6 program areas. The breadth of these programs is quite large, spanning polymers, coatings, surfactants, electronic materials, nanomaterials, and biomaterials.

Participation in IPRIME affords companies the chance to scan a wide range of scientific and technological developments. IPRIME’s basic value statement is in providing our companies the chance to delve into the fundamental science that undergirds their products.  

A principal goal of IPRIME is the engagement of industrial scientists and engineers in a pre-competitive, nonproprietary and collaborative environment. This structure promotes hands-on participation by visiting industrial scientists with IPRIME faculty, students and post-doctoral associates.


Industrial partners also benefit from equipment, staff and special-user rates in various supporting facilities including the Characterization Facility, Polymer Characterization Facility, University Imaging Centers, and X-Ray Computed Tomography Lab.

Recognizing that business conditions and policies continually change in the private sector, IPRIME is designed to be flexible and responsive in order to accommodate a spectrum of large and small companies, their involvement ranging from simply knowledge gathering to active “hands-on” participation by industrial scientists in collaborative research.

IPRIME expands the collaborative culture at the University of Minnesota to the industrial arena, strengthening research in both the academic and industrial sectors while promoting synergistic interactions that are pivotal in the training of the next generation of scientists and engineers.

For further information

Contact Satish Kumar, Faculty Director