Industrial Fellows Program

The goal of the Industrial Fellows Program is to bring industrial and University scientists and engineers together in collaborative interaction for an extended period. This program structure provides the opportunity to formulate and implement long-term, non-proprietary research projects of mutual interest and encourages the exchange of new insights, ideas, and knowledge. Companies with IPRIME Sponsor-level membership may send one Fellow per year as part of their membership fees. Affiliate-level companies may send Fellows for an additional fee.

While in residence at the University, a designated company employee works closely with IPRIME researchers on an open, pre-defined research project of mutual interest. To encourage Industrial Fellows and IPRIME faculty to have a true interactive research experience, the program allows for a flexible schedule, even including a fully remote interaction.

For an extra fee, a Sponsor-level company can send a second Industrial Fellow. The fee will depend on the resource needs of the proposed project.

How to Become an Industrial Fellow

The prospective fellow works with the IPRIME faculty member who will be directly associated with the project to develop a one- to two-page proposal describing the nature of the research and the estimated amount of time to be spent in residence. The fellow, faculty member and appropriate IPRIME Program Leader sign this proposal and forward it to the Executive Director for final approval.

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Current IPRIME Industrial Fellows

Since its inception, over 140 IPRIME Industrial Fellows from 50+ companies have participated in this program. 

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