UMTYMP Textbooks

The textbooks used for the UMTYMP courses are:

Algebra I & II

Special printing of Algebra for College Students.  Authors: Kaufmann, Schwitters. Publisher: Brooks/Cole

This custom edition is only produced for UMTYMP students, and must be purchased through the program.


The Art of Problem Solving - Introduction to Geometry (ISBN 978-1-934124-08-6), 2nd edition. Author: Rusczyk.  Publisher: AoPS Incorporated.


Precalculus, Enhanced Edition (ISBN: ISBN-10: 1-305-66310-1, ISBN-13: 978-1-305-66310-7 ), 7th Edition. Author: Cohen, David; Lee, Theodore B.; Sklar, David.  Publisher: Cengage Publishing.

Calculus I

Special printing of Calculus: Concepts & Contexts.  Author: Stewart.  Publisher: Cengage.

This custom edition includes portions of multiple textbooks, and must be purchased through the program.

Calculus II

Calculus II uses two textbooks.  The first portion of the course is taught out of the same book used in Calculus I.  The second portion uses:

Linear Algebra with Applications (ISBN 0-321-79697-7), 5th edition. Author: Bretscher. Publisher: Pearson. 
(Previously published by Prentice Hall.)

Calculus III

Vector Calculus (ISBN 0321780655), 4th edition. Author: Colley. Publisher: Prentice Hall.