Fellowships and Research Opportunities

Research Assistantships

Research assistantships (RAs) are appointments from faculty members who hold research contracts and grants. These appointments usually materialize through direct discussions with individual faculty. Please see individual faculty pages for more information on research topics. The faculty member providing support will serve as your academic adviser. Appointments vary, depending on the availability of funds and the academic progress of the student. Research appointments are made at any time in the calendar year depending on funding and other factors.

Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program

The University of Minnesota is recruiting a cross-disciplinary team for collaborative medical device innovation. Those encouraged to apply include: postgraduate engineers, experienced physicians as well as those in their residency or fellowship training, bio-scientists, seasoned medical device professionals, business professionals, IP attorneys, medical practitioners and others with a special interest in medical device innovation. Applicants must be dedicated to improving human health and well-being. Successful candidates are self-driven and highly motivated individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and committed to working in a collaborative team setting.

Innovation Fellows Program Application