TA Appointment Process

So you want to be a Teaching Assistant in the Mechanical Engineering Department? Be sure to read and understand these steps before you apply.


Are you eligible to hold a position?

Not all departments within the University have the exact same eligibility requirements. Read on to discover if you are a viable TA candidate in mechanical engineering. Are You Eligible?


What are the Job Commitments?

Applying for a TA position does not necessarily guarantee financial support. Additionally, teaching assistants in the ME Department must agree to numerous commitments that are above and beyond the classroom. Commitments & Requirements of ME TAs


Where do I find an application?

The Fall 2021 application period was June 9 - June 30, 2021. 


How Does the Appointment Process Work?

  1. The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) establishes a preliminary number of TA positions for each class
  2. Completed TA applications are distributed to course instructors based on which classes the applicant showed interest
  3. Course instructors make recommendations as to who they'd prefer to be a TA for that semester
  4. The DGS takes all course instructor recommendations and determines appointment offers for each class
  5. During the offer period, students are contacted by the DGS with offers and asked to accept or reject within a certain time frame
  6. Occasionally openings remain, or enrollments increase and assignments are made into the first week of classes