2024 Pui Best Dissertation Award Goes to ME PhD Peng Zhou

Peng Zhou (PhD, ‘23) is the recipient of the 2024 Pui Best Dissertation Award, created by Professor David Pui to recognize the time and effort required to pursue a doctorate of the highest caliber. 

Peng’s dissertation, “MEMS-Based Purification and Sensing Technologies for Sustainable Water Management,” tackles the global issue of water pollution and scarcity by proposing innovative solutions using MEMS technologies. He presented a novel photoelectrocatalytic water purification system, an efficient valveless micropump, and a sensitive heavy metal ion sensor based on MEMS and nanotechnology, with the goal of creating a sensor-based closed-loop control water treatment platform.

Peng was mentored by Professor Tianhong Cui in his doctoral studies at UMN ME. Following graduation, Peng assumed the role of a postdoctoral researcher under the guidance of Professor Cui, continuing his research on water innovation technology.

“Receiving this award is a profound honor, one that reinforces my commitment to advancing research in MEMS and nanotechnology," said Zhou. "I am truly grateful for this recognition and am motivated to continue making meaningful contributions to the advancement of knowledge in our field.”