John Bischof Assumes New Leadership Roles Across the University

ME Professor John Bischof will oversee interdisciplinary grant programs and direct the Clinical Translational Science Institute's Office of Discovery and Translation (ODAT), both part of the Office of Academic Clinical Affairs (OACA). 

In his leadership role for OACA, Professor Bischof will oversee the following grants:

  • Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics — This program funds four to six joint projects with Mayo Clinic each year in human health related research and encourages novel applications of recent advances in biotechnology, genomics, proteomics, imaging and bioinformatics with a project completion goal of two years and expectation of successful NIH application to follow. The awarded joint projects ideally lead to development of a commercializable product or clinical trial.
  • Minnesota Regenerative Medicine Program — This state funded initiative supports grants for research, clinical trials, and bio-business development that promote, advance, improve, or enhance awareness of regenerative medicine.
  • Faculty Research Development Grants — This program supports new or expanding interdisciplinary research that addresses significant and/or innovative issues with a high potential for return on investment. Clinical research is broadly defined to include pre-clinical bench, development of new tools and approaches to clinical practice, responding to community health concerns and societal factors directly influencing public health and well-being.

Bischof will also direct ODAT and its funding programs, including:

  • Committee for Pharmaceutical Development which focuses on the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products
  • Translational Product Development Fund which advances non-pharma projects that have the potential to be commercialized
  • Pediatric Health Innovation Programs which drives development of pediatric health innovations
  • Translational Grant Program which supports other human health innovations in target priority areas

Bischof is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Director of both the Institute for Engineering in Medicine and ATP-Bio, an NSF Engineering Research Center. He is a renowned researcher in thermal bioengineering.