Student Spotlight: ME Graduate Matthew Brown

Mechanical engineering senior Matthew Brown is well-prepared for a career in industry after graduation.

Four years ago, Matthew Brown made the leap from his hometown of Denver, Colo., to the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering. He came for two reasons—Minneapolis’ rich landscape of medical device companies and the University’s nationally renowned marching band. 

Brown, a recipient of the Robert E. and Elaine S. Larson Scholarship, originally began as a biomedical engineering major but switched gears to mechanical engineering after his first year to get a broader education in mechanical design. He plays the mellophone (the marching band equivalent of the French horn) and slid easily into the ranks of the University of Minnesota Marching Band, nearly 40 percent of which is made up of CSE students.

In this Q&A, Brown discusses his aspirations in medical device engineering, his time in marching band, and how his CSE experiences have given him confidence for his future career.

Matthew Brown Q&A

Interview by Olivia Hultgren