Nanomedicine Short Course 2018

The Midwest Nano Infrastructure Corridor hosted our first annual Nanomedicine Short Course on June 13-14, 2018.

The short course offered attendees an introduction to the world of nanomedicine, covering topics including nano-biosensors and nanoparticle drug delivery. The first day featured presenters from a variety of institutions and academic backgrounds, while the second day allowed participants to experience a hands-on lab session to learn more about techniques used in the field. Video sessions from the program can be found below. The workshop schedule is also available.

Short Course Welcome
Stephen Campbell & Jim Marti, Minnesota Nano Center

Nanomedicine: The Concept, Success, Opportunities, and Challenges
Younan Xia, Georgia Institute of Technology

Combatting Aggressive Cancers with High Precision Nanomedicines
Emily Day, University of Delaware

Nanoparticle-Based Sensors for Pathogen Detection: From Bench-side to Field Ready Application
Sylvia Vetrone, Whittier College

Drug-Loaded Block Copolymer Nanoparticles: Using Chemistry to Control Both the Cargo and the Packaging
Tom Hoye, University of Minnesota

Drug-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Pediatric Cancer Therapy
Peter Gordon, University of Minnesota

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