Working with MiNIC

Why use MiNIC?

MiNIC is a resource for companies and researchers that want to pursue work in nanoscience and microtechnology, but do not have the required tools or expertise. MiNIC offers easy fee-for-service usage, removing the obstacles of capital equipment acquisition, maintenance costs, and long-term commitments.

Ways to work with us

There are a number of ways to work on an R&D project at MINIC

  • Do-it-yourself - where you can receive equipment training and carry out your R&D activities independently and on your own schedule.
  • Assisted project - in which our staff does the work in consultation with you. After your device is designed, staff will fabricate the prototype devices for testing in our "nanomachine shop." 
  • Sponsored research - if your project involves more basic research and could benefit by the involvement of University faculty, we can help assemble a project team that includes University faculty and staff.

For more information

For details on how to get started, contact the staff at the Minnesota Nano Center ( or 612 624-8005) and describe your project idea.