Mentoring future software engineers

When a local high school sophomore contacted the MSSE program looking for a mentor, MSSE Class of 2021 alumnus, Denny Cheng, was more than happy to help. An assignment in his Advisory class required 10th grader, Jameson, to job shadow someone in a field of interest and his choice was software engineering. Via Zoom, the two met to chat, resulting in Jameson's discovery of the many and varied possibilities of a career in software engineering. "We talked about the daily life of a software engineer and about career opportunities. I found it interesting how there are so many different possibilities and paths you can take when you go into software engineering," Jameson said. "I learned that software engineering isn't just by yourself but is teamwork with many different people. Denny also taught me what to do to get started on coding. After this experience, I'm very interested in a career in this field." Said Cheng, "We had a good discussion. I appreciate the opportunity to get involved in the community in this way."  And the MSSE program appreciates having alumni like Denny Cheng.